The details of ANGELIUM WALLET


A new technology that enables faster, higher quality VR and AR experiences by sharing the power to render and stream 3DCG by all the computers on the block chain connected network “Proof of Rendering & Streaming” A near-future project that creates a virtual space (metaverse) platform with 3D scanning avatars and XR technology based on
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In the future, ANVELIUM will divide the project into three phases.(๑°꒵°๑)・*♡
Angel's wallet
Holy exchange
Medabas Genesis
Remuneration content
Phase 1
Angel's wallet details
Monthly interest 4.5%〜12%
You can receive a dividend by depositing one on a dedicated wallet and locking it (operating)
Available from at least $ 300 up to $ 30,000
The yield dividend changes for each plan in the 30th, 60th, 90th lock period
First time
・ 30th lock Daily rate 0.15% Monthly rate 4.5%
・ 60 days lock Daily rate 0.20% Monthly rate 6.0%
・ 90 days lock daily rate 0.30% monthly rate 9.0%
※ The yield is distributed by ANX token.
※ ANX tokens can be paid daily and exchanged for BTC / USDT / ETH / EOS.
◆ After the second time ※ Only those who did the lock on the first 60 days, 90 days
・ 30th lock Daily rate 0.20% Monthly rate 6.0%
・ 60 days lock Daily rate 0.25% Monthly rate 7.5%
・ 90 days lock Daily rate 0.40% Monthly rate 12.0%
★Operating funds
$ 300-$ 30,000
Dividends will be distributed in the proprietary currency ANX
※ Principal lock 30 days to 90 days (can be selected)
★Referral fee
Up to 15 levels of uni level!

Introducing HEAVEN WALLET will result in a referral fee ♡
Referral fee will be as follows ♡
・ First stage (directly introduced)
First person: 50% of the reward for the introduced person
Second person: 80% of the reward for the introduced person
Third person or later: 100% of the reward for the introduced person
・ The second to the tenth
10% of the reward for the introduced person
・ 10th-15th
5% of the reward for the introduced person
★Title commission
If the total investment amount derived from the person you introduced exceeds 100,000 $
Title commission will occur. Title commission is for introduction fee
You can receive an increase in reward from the 1st to 15th tiers and rewards from the 16th tier onwards
1st to 15th steps: 1% increase in introduction fee
From the 16th row: 1% of the yield fee of the introduced person
1st-15th: 2% increase in introduction fee
From the 16th row: 2% of the reward for the introduced person
1st to 15th: 3% increase in introduction fee
From the 16th row: 3% of the reward for the introduced person
★Regarding withdrawal restrictions
Depending on the amount of money you manage, the upper limit of 1 sunrise gold will change.
・ Operating amount less than 2,500 $
Maximum withdrawal amount: 300 $
・ Operating amount less than 5,000 $
Maximum withdrawal amount: 600 $
・ Operating amount less than 10,000 $
Maximum withdrawal amount: 1,000 $
・ Operating amount less than 20,000 $
Maximum withdrawal amount: 2,000 $
・ Operating amount less than 30,000 $
Maximum withdrawal amount: 3,000 $
New token ANX can be exchanged with ANL collected in the future by ICO(∩´∀`∩)♡
Will be used for services and content
By establishing an organization over the second and third phases
Permanent income comes in(∩´∀`∩)♡


Registration is here♡